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About The Shop

We strive to have cars leave our shop done correctly. To do this, we maintain a small operation so that we can ensure proper quality control and workmanship.

Our work  ethic is derived straight from Japan, where quality is top priority.

The Shop is located in  Kingsport, TN.

Over the years our specialties have become the Toyota Supra and The Nissan 240sx (breaking a few records in the process). In practice, we are familiar with just about every turbo car out.
We have no problem stating our bounds as a shop, if we say that we can do something, rest assured that we will deliver.

Our staff are well known in the industry. From the city of Kingsport half way around the world to Japan, our staff is recognized as the authorities in turbo performance. Its no wonder our customers are willing to travel from all over the country and beyond.


About The Shop

Located in Kingsport, TN