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Project Cars

The Shop Supra
CT583 ETT, built, 6spd, Fcon Vpro

The Shop Drag Car
Comp Turbo CT6491, 2jz, Fcon Vpro

Paddy Supra
T51R, Built, 6spd, Fcon Vpro

80mm KA24DE

The Shop 240sx KA24DE
Comp Turbo CT576V, Built KA24DE, Power FC, E98


The Shop Mustang
Comp Turbo CT4380R, AEM


Some Previous Project Cars:

T66bb SR20DET - Built, Power FC

T88H Lexus - 2jz Built, Fcon Vpro

T04R SC300 - JDM 2JZ 6spd, cams, Fcon Vpro Silver
First ever SC300 2JZ swap in USA

Twin Turbo KA

T04R CA18DET - Built, Power FC

240sx - RB26DETT GT3071R twins

240sx - T04R 2JZ Swap

240sx - 1JZ GT35R

Project Cars

These are some of our current and past project cars