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Tuning Info

We will tune the majority of EMS available. Here is a short list of some of the more common ones.

HKS Fcon Vpro
Apexi Power FC
ROM Tune
Hydra Nemesis
HP Tuners
Big Stuff

We will not tune: Hondata, Crome or NepTune

It is crucial that you have the proper ignition components installed before tuning on any EMS! For more details, call us.

For a proper tune, some time will be needed with your vehicle to ensure proper coldstart, warmup and part load tuning. Cold weather tuning may require a return appointment depending on the weather at the time of the tune. This will be considered a Retune so long as no other components on the car have changed since the initial tune by The Shop.

Customers must supply their own Race gas. Call us if you need assistance locating race gas.

Tuning fees do not include time required to fix problems with your car during the tune.

Make sure your car is running properly before coming to your tuning appointment. We will be happy to fix your car prior to your appointment at our standard shop rate.

Things to check before your tuning appointment:
-Wiring, no exposed wires. Solder connections and protect them properly
-Check Engine Light. Call ahead to make sure your check engine light will not effect tuning
-Healthy Fuel Pump
-Proper Grounding
-Proper Fuel Pressure
-Check for Intercooler Leaks, this is very common and will take away from  your tuning time
-Vacuum Leaks. This is also very common and will effect your tune in a negative way.
-Make sure your injectors are suited for your power levels
-Ensure your  engine is healthy, check your compression.
-Timing belt
-Fluid Leaks. Do not come to your appointment with leaking fluids. You will be responsible for any fluid leak your car has!
-Clutch. Make sure your clutch is up to the task. A slipping clutch will end your tuning session early.
-Proper wastegate spring for your planned boost level
-Proper functioning turbo, shaft play, oil seals.
-No exhaust leaks




A successful tuning requires a proper  functioning car